tribal vision is dedicated to recognizing and gathering the indigenous peoples of the world. we believe in honoring our earth and calling out to those of the past who have not forgotten their ancient roots. we have asked elders of many paths to come and share their wisdom, artists and musicians to share their joyful expressions and teachers of many paths to pass on new technologies. By linking traditions and belief systems we are able to create new path ways of love and support for all of us. WE Wish to create an area of awakening, opening, empowerment, and trust within ourselves and our community.

every year the profits are donated to indigenous cultural preservation projects. we benefit from the ancient ceremonial traditions and philosophy passed on to us by these elders. the power of ceremony is recognized world over by every civilization and culture throughout history. saDLy, Many of the reservations of the United States have had the ecology and water systems destroyed by foreign mining companies with US Government contracts. it is our hope to bring awareness of these events to the circle of Tribal Vision in order to help others see what is happening, and what we can do to help. We intend to inspire people to discover what we can do to change our participation in life on this planet. 

Music has been an integral aspect of living beings since not long after the first breaths. We honor the long history of song by featuring music such as traditional medicine songs of Native elders, EDM from Guatemala, Celtic Harp and West African drumming; all while still honoring our local roots and filling the stage with our family and friends. Over the years we have featured acts such as: Elephant Revival, Medicine for the People, LYNX & JANOVER, Rising Appalachia, SUPAMAN, Lunar Fire, Xerephine, The Alcapones, Totem, INTUIT, Las Cueranderros, Buddha Bomb, The Copper Children, wandering monks and many others.

We HOST a wide variety of workshops. Whether philosophical or practical, nutritional or Spiritual, Sustainable for the land or the body, all will help to enrich life.

The Children are our future, and family is our foundation. We strive to make Tribal Vision A Festival where all ages can not only feel accepted, but connected. To help this we have Rainbow Lightning Youth Village creating a clean play AREA and creation space. as well as making Tribal Vision an ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. We hope to create a space that leaves us refreshed, uplifted and empowered, rather than drained and destroyed from 3 days of little rest and lots of party.

Who knows, maybe one day the whole festival will wake up early to help the volunteers clean the main stage area but its already clean from the responsible people the night before so we all go to a yoga class together.


May 26-29 2017 delta county, Colorado