Under 12 years of age are by donation at gate.

Tribal Vision Festival is an ALCOHOL FREE event to help create a family friendly atmosphere and to encourage respect and recognition of indigenous culture . By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to abide by all rules set by Tribal Vision LLC during the dates of the festival. noticeable levels of intoxication will be grounds for ejection from the festival with no refund.

WE will accept 4 star tribe hours as half ticket payment

( i.e $54 plus 4 sth)

2017 Tribal Vision General Admission Tickets will be capped at 555 tickets sales.


-- no alcohol --

--parking passes sold at gate --

car parking passes will be rated on number of riders:
4+ people= 0$, 3 People = 10$, 2 people = 20$, 1 person =30$

R.V Parking Pass = 50$

so carpool ya'll, for serious.
-- check our ride share page on facebook --


What to Bring

A ticket to tribal vision comes with camping space, Port-o-pottys, and drinking water, 1st aid.

Trash: Tribal Vision is a Pack it in - Pack it out event. We are a small gathering and small land, please be responsible for your own trash and trash bags.

Food at tribal vision: we are hoping to once again be able to do an all organic vegetarian meal plan for all participants, last year worked great, as well as keep in touch for Meal plan updates, Info will be on the ticket page when available.

camping gear essentials:

   ***water bottle *** (maybe 2 or 3 in case you lose one)

   4 days clothing
   sandals and shoes (gets cold at night sometimes)
   Warm clothes for night (sometimes you need pants & jacket here)
   rain coat (oh i hope we don't need it!)
   costumes! - be beautiful !- be mysterious ! - be scary ? - express yourself!

   Tent ( w/ rain fly, ground cover and stakes! )
   sleeping bag
   sleeping pad
   Shade Structure

self care:
bug spray
   sunscreen lotion
   lip balm
   hats (for sun in day and cold at night)
   ***flash light - not your cell phone - headlamp you will thank yourself**
   water bottle (I'm serious stay hydrated!)

   plates - cups - spoon - fork - knife
   stove / pots / cooking utensils
   kettle / mugs
   lighter / matches
   small table
   Food (*plan a menu!?* )
   powdered drink mix - we have water - you have a bottle - cut down on trash!
   toothbrush / tooth paste
   wet wipes

   hand sanitizer
   soap (organic & biodegradable pleaese!)


Option items:
   lawn blanket / shade
   pillow / chair for workshops
   yoga mat
   hand drums
   FLow toys and juggling pins - show your stuff!
   face paint
   notebook for workshops / pen
   Lots and lots of chocolate


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May 26-29 2017 delta county, Colorado