Tribal Vision:
Production / management / webdesign / flyer and video design/ promotions / music booking / workshop booking / scheduling / social media / ticketing / site layout and setup / map / benefit / theme camps / volunteer / sponsorship / vending/ live painting booking / office janitorial / vegetable gardening / other
provided by:

Chaitanya Massera - C3PO
Leaf LaRay - R2D2

Tribal Vision Festival Offices
PO Box 983
Hotchkiss, Co 81419

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Do to our very small staff please be considerate of reply time, because there are only a few of us coordinating this festival, and its all a labor of love (we actually spend our own money for this), we have to have other jobs leaving very little time for the festival during the winter, please do not expect a quick reply before January 2017. Blessings and Love.


if you would like to be a coordinator please let us know, if you need a faster reply please see our facebook page and send us lots of messages until we reply!

May 26-29 2017 delta county, Colorado